Monday, May 19, 2014

Go Chrome!!

Two down! One to go!!!

Belmont, GET READY!! Here HE Comes!!! 

And today NYRA made millions of people sigh with relief by not imposing their "nasal strip rule" for the Belmont, phew! 

I'm not exactly superstitious and at the end of the day those nasal strips aren't a huge deal either way, but still.  

That said, the stars really have aligned for this horse!!  What a crazy, fun ~3 months this has been! 

Haven't had this much immediate confidence in a horse since Barbaro, and to a slightly lesser degree Big Brown. 

After the Santa Anita Derby though, well..I only had one word...WOW!  

As far as I'm concerned, if Chrome stays sound, keeps that annoying throat blister at bay, and he remains healthy and happy with a good's all good on his end! And then as long as he gets out of the gate fairly well (the break isn't QUITE as crucial in the 12 furlong Belmont as it is in any other race, but still), Victor keeps him in the clear and just lets him run his race...well, it will be nearly impossible to beat him!  

So...Chrome...please continue to avoid mischievous STARTS like THIS... 


So we can see magnificent FINISHES like THIS! :)

I've literally been waiting my entire life to see a 3yo like Chrome tackle the elusive Triple Crown with a truly great chance at getting it done, and seems like he's finally here! 

Might I also point out, speaking of stars aligning and things like that, it IS The Year Of The HORSE!! ;)

With that said...all that's left is GO CHROME!! #GoChrome #CaliforniaChrome #Belmont #TripleCrown


On a quick side note...I must express my never ending adoration and therefore concern for the brilliant, TWO-time Horse of the Year, Wise Dan!

Just hope Dan is doing ok. Last update I saw was that they were able to graze him today. Gave us all quite a scare yesterday. Colic surgery is no small thing and even if he is eating again (always a good sign) and doing as well as they say, I'm not QUITE ready to believe that he'll return to Keeneland for training anytime soon. If and when he DOES return, he will either be a force to be reckoned with (he is THE CHAMP), after all ... or he might be ready to leave the track behind. Like his connections said though...I don't care if he never races again, just save his life! 

He'll be fine, I'm sure, and knowing Dan he'll probably bounce back better than ever. Like every true champion, he is all heart but most importantly he's a FIGHTER!!