Monday, November 4, 2013

Post Breeders' Cup - My Response to Zipse's Eclipse Award Predictions

The Day after Breeders' Cup: Eclipse Award Picks

Zipse's comments are posted verbatim. My responses & comments are in quotes...

Champion two-year-old male: New Year's Day - Yes, I like Honor Code better as well, but this one won the race you need to win ...
"--Fully agreed, and for the record I'd throw Havana in there with Honor Code & New Year's Day as the ones to watch already going into next year...from where I was sitting Havana showed some guts in the Juvenile, even in defeat..."

Champion two-year-old filly: She's A Tiger - She's fast, she's brave, and she was screwed out of a Breeders' Cup victory.
"--Again, agreed..."

Champion three-year-old male: Will Take Charge - Any lingering doubts about whether or not he had developed into the best three-year-old male, were put to bed in classic fashion,

"Agree, but by default, because all season this question has been impossible no matter HOW (or when) you ask it! Too many injuries & early retirements and the rest of the crop was way too evenly matched (only time will tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing)...and let’s face it, the only way this category would’ve been clear-cut was if Will Take Charge had DOMINATED the Classic (or if Palace Malice had, for that matter). Otherwise, it’s been a virtual toss-up since early summer…the only thing I’m certain of is that the vote will be fairly close…and Will Take Charge DID seem strong in the Classic…"

Champion three-year-old filly: Beholder - I love Princess of Sylmar, but I'm afraid that the fleet footed Californian stole her championship in the time it took her to win the Distaff.

"--I  have some issues with this & I've gotta say, I'm not so sure...don't get me wrong, Beholder is a great filly. But I honestly believe Princess was off going INTO the Distaff; I'm talking literally coming out of the paddock! Have a feeling in a few days or weeks we'll learn of a bleed, a split or tear, undetected quarter crack or deep abscess… something to excuse her lack of interest in running on Friday. I'm throwing that race out altogether in the meantime, and of course there is always the probability that beating the likes of Royal Delta really took something out of her. Not willing to ignore all of her incredible accomplishments because of it. Let's just say I'm glad I don't get an official vote because this one would give me heartburn (worse than I already have)!"

Champion older male: Mucho Macho Man - I've said it before, and I will likely say it again ... I want to be a Mucho Macho Man!

"--I've got some definite issues with this one...I'm sorry but Older Male ought to go to Game on Dude. Call it a "consolation prize" because he can't, in good conscience, get HOTY after he failed to show up in the Classic, but he has had an OUTSTANDING year out West & while Mucho seemingly should be rewarded something for his incredible 'comeback' in the Classic, I just don't think he deserves this particular title over the Dude. No way."

Champion older female: Royal Delta - She may have gone out like a lamb, but she showed enough lioness this year to win another championship.

"--No arguments here!"

Champion male sprinter:  Secret Circle -  Only two races ... Am I crazy? I'll answer that with another question ... Do you have a better idea?

"--No, I don't have a better idea, so...OK..."

Champion female sprinter: Groupie Doll - Mizdirection may have a serious beef here, but in America, dirt trumps turf. I'll take the Doll.
"--Groupie Doll would get my hypothetical vote. What a freak she’s become! They don’t run from a fight either, even when she ends up NOT coming out on top, and you’ve gotta love that about her."

Champion turf male:  Wise Dan - Do I need to explain this?
"--Nope! Absolutely no explanation needed, there never is when you're talking about Dan!"

Champion turf female: Dank - I think the American turf mares would be more than happy never to see this Euro monster again.
"--Agreed, but it wouldn't be so bad to see a few votes for the Fugue based on the BC alone...I thought she put in a great run all things considered."

Horse of the Year: Wise Dan - Two years in a row for the fantastic gelding. He's the best American miler we've seen in a long time.
"--Not only the best AMERICAN miler, he's one of the best we’ve seen WORLDWIDE in a long time! No one deserves it more, period!! It’s gonna take a freak, a true superhorse, to take the title from him again next year!"

My prediction ... almost ALL of them are going to be close so every vote WILL count! So please, get to lobbying for your favorite horses! It's never too soon to start looking toward January; it'll be here before we know it!
Cheers to a fantastic Breeders' Cup! Condolences to the connections of Points Offthebench and Secret Compass, may they both RIP...and of course wishing Johnny V a speedy recovery from his operation. All in all, though, it was a lovely Championship weekend! Already cannot wait for next November! :)

So there you have it. It was another brilliant weekend of thoroughbred racing...unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime and beyond. Records broken, runaways, nail-biters, tragedies (human & equine), great comebacks (human & equine), a dead-heat, a DQ, upsets, favorites dominating, emotions running high & low, celebrities, and history being made. That's what the Breeders' Cup is all about & I wouldn't miss, or change, it for the world! That said...I've been awake now for more than 3 days...time to crash; then I'll return to the real world where life sucks and (for now, at least) racing only exists in the background of mine.

I am working on launching my horse related business and, even though I've been working on the business plan for 2 years (came up with the initial idea in October 2011, believe it or not) I'm just starting to REALLY get it moving. If anyone out there is willing/able to help me in ANY way please let me know. Hoping to change the horse industry for the better before I leave this world altogether!

On that note...I leave you with one of the most exciting moments of this weekend... ;)

Wise Dan - 2013 Breeders' Cup Mile

As exciting as the other races were, especially those intense final yards of the Classic (see the photo-finish at right), I swear...out of all fourteen Grade I races I will never grow tired of watching Dan do his thing...he is a FREAK! And they don't come along very often!